World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks. The book is a collection of accounts on a ten-year Zombie War, from different viewpoints from various nations. World War Z was adapted as a Film set to release by Paramount Pictures on June 21, 2013. I was given a dream opportunity to create a concept for the film website.

The goal is to promote the upcoming release of the movie by creating an interactive social experience. When a user watches the film trailer for the first time, they will be geotagged as an "infected" victim. Upon hitting a set goal for each country, a snippet of the movie would be released as a teaser. The visual design requires a progress bar for the zombie "infection" and user should also be able to scroll in a time period and see the progress.

I created the following concepts before the trailer was released. After the trailer was released, I believe the look and feel of the movie had a more "blockbuster" direction rather than a cult zombie classic. Despite the concept did not get it's approval, I am very grateful for the opportunity for this pitch. I hope to work on more more films in the future.

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